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Black PS carrier tape material
Black PS carrier tape material

PS carrier tape manufacturer introduces basic use and molding knowledge:
 The tape carrier is widely used in the packaging of plastic carriers such as ICs, resistors, inductors, capacitors, connectors, LEDs, fuses, switches, relays, connectors, oscillators, and triodes.
 Knowledge of carrier tape forming machine:
 1. Flat-plate carrier molding machine is suitable for carrier tapes above 12mm, especially ko is larger than 4mm; the forming stability of the carrier tape is poor, and the P2 and F values are difficult to control, so it is difficult to make precision molding.
 2. Roller type carrier machine has a concave and convex mold forming system. The precision of the punch can ensure the precision of the carrier tape forming. The current equipment can reach ±0.05mm, and the imported tape forming machine can reach ±0.03mm. Accuracy