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PET Thick Sheet
PET Thick Sheet

PET slabs have the following characteristics: Impact resistance and excellent processability.  Chemical resistance and excellent stability.  Excellent air tightness and durability.  High transparency and gloss.  Excellent insulation and antistatic properties.  No stains, no odor, no environmental problems.


1 Modern leisure, rest sun room 2 City light box advertisement, bus stop sign, decoration 5 home greenhouse, breeding greenhouse 6 highway and urban elevated noise barrier 7 plexiglass crafts processing, 8 insulation gasket, widely used with home appliances, medical, chemical , electronics, automotive, daily necessities packaging, etc.

Product performance

1 Conforms to EU, SONY environmental protection directive, can be recycled and reused; 2 can provide SGS, Msds RoHS related test report 3 using excellent new PET raw materials, 4 sheets of bright and shiny surface; high toughness, high strength, arbitrary drilling and drilling Will not burst; 5 excellent thermoplastic properties; good electrical insulation properties;