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Transparent anti-static PS carrier tape material
Transparent anti-static PS carrier tape material

PS high transparent anti-static carrier tape features:

Surface resistance: ultra-thin conductive treatment layer, conductivity is 104-109, according to customer requirements to make the corresponding surface resistance;

Sexuality: Stable conductive function, which can be reused or recycled without changing the temperature and humidity without losing antistatic performance;

Reliability: Polymer synthesis technology avoids mistakes or uneven coating, good processability, and does not affect printing, molding and other properties after conductive treatment;

Cleanliness: PS printing products can not be powdered after being plasticized, environmentally friendly, free of harmful substances, non-corrosive and volatile gases, and resistant to cleaning;

Flexibility: can be compounded on a variety of materials, ps, pe, pp, etc., Baizhou is a professional anti-static (esd) surface modification material company, with independent research and development of high clean conductive technology, high production purity, anti- Electrostatic blister ps sheet