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Black anti-static PS carrier tape material
Black anti-static PS carrier tape material

Static electricity is a static or non-flowing charge that forms static electricity when it accumulates on an object or surface.  In the course of transportation, there is friction between the electronic components and the packaging material, which generates electric current.  When the current is greater than the load of the electronic components, it is easy to break through the components and invade the articles.

How can PS black conductive carrier tape prevent such signs?

Electrostatic sensitive components are exposed to areas of static electricity during storage and transportation.  The usual method is to use an electrostatic shielding bag and an anti-static turnover box for protection.  This type of electrostatic shielding can weaken the influence of external static electricity on electronic components, but the static electricity outside the electronic components is still not handled.

The application of the PS conductive sheet is to handle the static electricity outside the component, especially for the electronic components with the circuit board assembly.  The conductive sheet ensures that all components are at the same potential under stable conditions while dissipating the static charge that accidentally runs onto the package.  In addition, HIPS (modified polystyrene) is one of the cheaper engineering plastics, and its toughness and support characteristics are superior.  The PS conductive sheet not only handles the persecution of static electricity, but also facilitates the enterprise to complete the production line and improve the efficiency of the production.

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