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Transparent PS Sheet
Transparent PS Sheet

PS high transparent mother coil anti-static

First, the use of anti-static materials: metal is a conductor, because the leakage current of the conductor is large, it will damage the device.  In addition, since the insulating material is prone to triboelectric charging, metal and insulating materials cannot be used as the antistatic material.  Instead, a so-called electrostatic conductor having a surface resistance of 1 × 10 5 Ω·cm or less and an electrostatic sub-conductor having a surface resistance of 1 × 10 5 -1 × 10 8 Ω·cm were used as an antistatic material.
 2. Leakage and grounding: Ground the parts that may or may have generated static electricity, and provide an electrostatic discharge channel.  The method of burying the ground wire establishes an "independent" ground line.
 Third, the elimination of static electricity with conductor: static electricity on the conductor can be grounded to make static electricity leak to the earth.  The voltage and release time of the discharge body can be expressed by the following equation: UT=U0L1/RC The voltage at the UT-T time (V) U0-start voltage (V) R-equivalent resistance (Ω) C-conductor equivalent capacitance (pf)