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Scratch-resistant PET slice protection film

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Three-layer anti-scratch protective film: a layer of release film + a layer of scratch-resistant PET slice + a layer of pe protective film PET, ARM material source is now the main areas: Japan, South Korea (NT&M), Taiwan. ARM material: ARM material is synthetic material, generally made of silica gel, plus PET, made of other materials. The silica gel is adsorbed, PET is the intermediate layer, and the outer layer is a special treatment layer. Special treatment layers are generally divided into two types, one-to-one AG processing and HC processing. AG is anti-glare treatment, which is the treatment method used for the frosted protective film on the market. The HC treatment is a hardness treatment, which is a treatment method for a high permeability protective film on the market. Its characteristics are good light transmission, good wear resistance, suitable adsorption capacity, will not easily fall off, no residual glue will be left after tearing.

Three-layer anti-scratch and anti-glare protective film: It is made of transparent protective film with a thickness of 0.1111111 and coated with a special protective rubber, and then laminated with a transparent PET release film with a thickness of 0.05nllll. ( Scratch resistant PET slice + Pet release film + Pet protection film). The surface hardening treatment of this product, anti-scratch for 3h to 4h, good weather resistance, low adhesion and easy to tear off, and has the effect of super high transmittance and no residual glue after removal, making the product more difficult It is a special design that is suitable for large-size fpd displays and is not easy to cover air to produce bubbles when it is attached. It can increase the appearance of flat-panel displays, and the surface is highly abrasion-resistant and scratch-resistant. A layer of release film + a layer of pet Protective film + a layer of pe protective film. Mainly used in pda, dv. , dC, laptop,,,, display screen saver. The total thickness is 0.235 nlln, wherein the pet protective film is about 0.125 two. The main features of this product are wear-resistant, scratch-resistant and high transparency for a lifetime of random use. Is the protective film of the digital product display;; width IOSOmm; length ZOOm; thickness: 23.sc210 square meters / volume A, product description: 1. Japan imported anti-scratch PET chips , produced in Korea, high permeability material. 2. The surface of the protective film is treated with abrasion and scratch resistance. 3. The protective film is treated with anti-ultraviolet light to prevent ultraviolet rays from harming the LCD screen. 4. It can reduce the reflection more than 90%, the light transmittance is over 95%, the picture is clear and vivid, and it is not easy to generate bubbles when filming. 5. The surface is treated by S-lined process, wear-resistant and scratch-resistant. The silica composite layer is used as a binder to prevent the formation of bubbles. No traces left, no corrosion on the surface 8. Transmittance 95% or more 9. Not reflective, and can enhance the color reproduction of the LCD screen. Effectively prevent ultraviolet rays Can effectively absorb some direct collisions, properly protect your LCD screen. Can effectively prevent the stylus from wearing on the LCD screen. Contains no corrosive adhesives to effectively protect your "love machine" 14. Safe and reliable, does not contain any harmful ingredients