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Working principle of thermoforming equipment for pet sheet material

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Pet sheet MaterialThermoforming can be divided into three kinds of processing methods: Negative pressure thermoforming, positive pressure hot forming and positive, negative pressure hot forming Sichuan. Zhejiang Huahong Plastic Co., Ltd. is the manufacture of 510x570-type plastic pressure molding machine For example, described its forming process principle. Its characteristic is to produce the positive and negative pressure difference, achieves the product molding purpose. Its molding is divided into four sections: Heating section, forming sections, slicing workshop, demoulding workshop. The heating section, as shown in Figure 1 (a), is closed with the following template, on the template intake valve open, there is a certain pressure of compressed air into the model cavity, so that pet sheet close to the heating plate on a son to heating; Molding section as shown in Figure 1 (b), an F template intake valve open, while on the template out of the valve open, The pet sheet is fully attached to the mould cavity, and the slicing section is shown in Figure 1 (. As shown, a pressurized cylinder under the template moves, making the die die cut off the pet sheet; The demoulding section is shown in Figure 1 (d), the template is opened, the upper template inlet valve opens, and a certain pressure compressed air enters the model cavity, making the product out of the mold cavity. Its processing period is about 3,145, the whole hot forming process cycle, repeated operation, to achieve high-speed automated production.

3Pet sheet MaterialThermoforming processing 3.1 Hot forming process hot forming processing by heating method can be divided into two kinds: SMD Plate Heating Molding process (positive pressure thermoforming, fig 2) and tunnel-type upper and lower furnace heating molding process (negative pressure thermoforming, positive, negative pressure thermoforming, fig 3).

4PET sheet hot-forming die making 4.1 layout and lap hot forming products on the barrel of pet sheet arrangement method is called nesting. The significance of the layout is to reduce the material consumption, improve labor productivity and prolong the service life of the mould. It is used to calculate the use of materials (women to measure the rationality of the layout. , the greater the value, the less the waste, the higher the utilization of materials, the layout is reasonable. Its calculation formula is as follows:, two (f0/f) x; F= month x B;,-material utilization F. The total area of the hot-formed products, 2F a molding of the required Tube P 1 ' sheet size, Mr Spear B― barrel Pet sheet width, mml― tube p-Stare of the total length of the material, N. Lap side, that is, when the hot-formed products and products and pet sheet material left between the rest. Lap while forming scrap, but in thePet sheet MaterialDeep processing has a very large role, its role is to maintain a certain degree of pet chip stiffness, easy to automatic molding equipment to send, to ensure efficient production, and can compensate for the film delivery positioning error. Lap value (a) generally take 6~ 120, and according to the shape of its thermoforming products and products of the die, delivery time, the length of the feed to take into account: in the layout of the way to determine, you can determine the tube p Yue ' sheet with the cutting width of the material, that is, the width of the material B, the formula is: B=d 10 knife "type d― Hot-Formed products in the direction of the width of the n― lap edge number of a― lap value