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Pet sheet features and performance

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With the economic boom, more and more people are paying attention to environmentally-friendly and economical products. There are two kinds of data on PC and PVC on the market. However, after analysis, it is known that the cost is low and there is no average dispersion. Defects. The market is mainly based on masterbatch. The process of preparing sheets with its masterbatch is to increase the proportion of light dispersant with PC or P\°C masterbatch, and the common material will eliminate the one-step adjustment. A preparation is indirectly used for production. The synthetic resin used in China's current plastic plate light dispersion sheet is mainly polyvinyl chloride P\.rC, polycarbonate cool PC, poly cool PET and so on. PET sheets possess the good functions not found in the rest of the materials, the hygienic index request for the synthetic products and the international environmental protection request, which is a new generation of environmentally friendly sheets.

PET sheet cold forming equipment and equipment reasoning PET sheet is a new type of information developed in the past years with its good toughness, lower strength, lower transparency, and whether it accepts the recycling application, incinerating the environmental protection without harmless gas The function has gradually become very popular among consumers and producers; it is suitable for environmental protection. What characteristics does it have? l, has a good transparency to take the light, showing the motives. Appearance decoration function is good, whether it will be printed without external treatment, it is difficult to suppress the markings, and it is difficult to have good mechanical strength in the metal. ,,, a gas jO, 4, the isolation of oxygen and water vapor is good. 5, chemical resistance is beautiful, whether it is prohibited from corrosion of a variety of chemical substances. 6, non-toxic, health machine can rely on, whether it is used for the packaging of food, drugs and medical things, and whether to use Y rays to disinfect the items they package.

Functional parameters:

l, density l.33g / cm oxygen permeability 4 - 4.scm * ~ factory (m * 24h * 0. InlPa)

2, tensile strength longitudinal 53MPA moisture permeability 2 3G * nun (M * 24H) lateral 53MPA application temperature is 70 degrees

3, the fracture length is 250% horizontally and 250% horizontally

4, the cold size change vertical 35% horizontal 35% 5, transparency 33% 6, health fit GB13113 one 91 request

Primary use: electronics, food, toys, color box window, collar 7, adaptability to the situation, whether it is economical and convenient for the day to take over the application; when igniting its waste, there is no risky and harmless substance. The cold forming machine can be beautiful, take the general PVC sheet commensurate, whether to accept the vacuum forming to produce a good PET cold molded product; PET sheet is considered to be a realistic packaging information to meet the situation protection request.