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Properties of Pet Sheet material

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       Pet sheet MaterialParticles after heating at different temperatures (low f melting point fly characteristics vary greatly, such as over 150 degrees, pet particles will crystallization hardening, this is the same pet bottles, mineral water bottles do not withstand hot water, and farmers orchards can heat the cause. Because of the large variation of its characteristics,

Polymer originally crystallization is very incomplete, so said the polymer material products a knot. Drill (knot, of course). High precision when the office will be fog, turbidity or opaque, in order to obtain transparent products, generally as far as possible to reduce the crystallinity, and make the crystallization of the part of the grain as small as possible. The usual method is to control the cooling rate, blending or adding a resistance crystal agent. The cooling rate is usually controlled during the production process to regulate its transparency.Pet thick FilmOpaque, and the reason why the preform is transparent, by the cooling.

Overheating, resulting in crystallization, appear from the, if the excessive pull, that is, less material, one will cause cold from. If there is a color of the bottle delamination heating does not completely penetrate the bottle preform thermostat: Temperature Requirements 95 ℃, the orientation temperature is too low, bottle stress white, temperature too high bottle appearance of the mist-like products. Preform cooling to be fast, otherwise affect transparency.

The pressure bottle should also meet the requirements of stress testing and pressure testing. Stress testing is to preventPet Carrier Beltand the lubricant (alkaline) Contact process ' t ' produces the molecular chain degradation and cracking, leakage and other internal quality control, the pressure test is to prevent the bottle filled with a certain pressure gas after the burst L (LJ's quality control). In order to meet these two needs, the central point thickness to be controlled within a certain range, p(t blowing bottle sweep L general situation is '!, the heart is thin, stress testing is good, pressure is poor; ' Bu xin point thick, pressure test is good, stress test is poor. Of course, the results of stress tests are also closely related to the accumulation of transition area materials in the central point cycle, which should be adjusted according to actual experience.

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