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Scratch-resistant PET slice protection film

Edit:Dongguan Baizhou New Material Co., Ltd.UpDate:2018-07-16

Scratch-resistant PET chip single-sided hardening treatment (hardness value is 3H), anti-scratch effect, good ink adhesion, suitable for membrane switch, electrical nameplate, mobile phone window, texture film PET: transparent PET after special chemical treatment Fully transparent (EBG), translucent (EBA) specification thickness: 0.13mm, 0. Skillful mm, 0.18mm, 0.2~, 0.25mm Performance: good gloss, strong toughness, good adhesion of ink: silk screen, mobile phone IMD lens. For mobile phone, computer display (material hardness of more than 3 days, high cleanliness, no scratches, no scratches, white spots, etc.)

It has excellent tensile strength, heat and cold resistance, chemical resistance, moisture resistance and water resistance. Heat and cold resistance: melting point is 260 ° C, suitable for a wide temperature range of 70'C to +150 °C. No plasticizer: it can be finished by dyeing, coloring, printing, coating, vacuum, etc. like ordinary plastic film. Light transmittance: visible light transmittance is as low as 92%. Single-sided hardening treatment (hardness value: 1h, 2h, 3h), anti-scratch effect, good ink adhesion for film switch, electrical nameplate, mobile phone window texture film PET, scratch-resistant PET slice , handwritten mobile phone screen, LCD TV screen, computer, membrane switch, electrical nameplate, fully transparent (EBG), semi-transparent (EBA)

Good gloss, strong toughness, good adhesion to ink, specifications and slitting/slicing/hardening treatment. Optical double-layer PET protective film 188 days m easy to print treatment layer Features 1: Single-sided hardening, double-sided hardening, fog Anti-glare; high hardness 2:1, transparency is over 92%; 2, special hard coating, strong UV resistance; 3, good plating effect, which can reduce the defect rate;

Three-layer scratch-resistant protective film product introduction PET protective film material: scratch-resistant PET slice thickness: 0.125 (111111) Applicable: 1, used to protect the panel of flat panel display (LCD, OLED, EL, PDP), CRT, touch Screens, mobile phones, digital cameras and PDA panels avoid scratches during use and protect the screen panel. 2. After coating the silica gel with optical grade transparent poly film (PET), it is then laminated with a transparent polyester (PET) release film. 3, surface hardening (HC) treatment up to 4H, scratch-resistant and wear-resistant. 4. The silica composite layer is an adhesive to prevent the formation of bubbles. 5, silicone properties are re-stickable, leaving no traces, no corrosion of the surface.