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The difference between pet sheet and PVC sheet material

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Pet sheet Materialis a polymer material, the full name is poly terephthalate Two cool, the application is very widespread, the farmer spring bottle is uses it to do, belongs to the biodegradable recycling kind of material. Pet mainly includes polyethylene terephthalate two cool (pet) and poly terephthalate (PBT). The molecular structure of pet is highly symmetrical and has a certain crystallization orientation ability, so it has high film forming and softness. Pet has good optical properties and weathering resistance, and amorphous pet has good optical transparency. In addition, PET has excellent abrasion resistance and dimensional stability. Pet products with good transparency, non-toxic, impermeable, light quality, high production efficiency and thus has been widely used.Pet sheet MaterialThe chemical name of Poly Terephthalate B Two drunk Christie, since 1970 off the first cattle and two companies Mao produced a pet, the mountain in its excellent physical properties, applications more and more) ' pan. Especially in carbonated beverages, juice drinks and tea drinks packaging! : Each year it grows at a double-digit rate. Characteristics and properties of pet pet is a saturated thermoplastic polymer, door j to benzene formic acid and B-sprinkle by the cool reaction of polymerization. Pet has 3 key temperature points in the process of heating. The 3 temperature points of pet are divided into 4 kinds of state, and the status of the association is the different arrangement of pet chain. Also determines the different properties of pet.

(i) The glass transition temperature from the high elastic state to the amorphous glass state is called the glass transition, at this time the temperature (pet is about 80 ℃) is called the glass temperature, it reflects the long division R chain Movement. (ii) The temperature of the knot continues to rise, reaching 160 ℃, with the molecule to ask each other for the month "the number of molecular chains for local rearrangement, resulting in spherical crystallization." Due to pet separation, the benzene ring is very slow,Pet sheet MaterialThe crystallization degree is about 55%. can produce ' 1 of the F-sequence of the crystalline zone. The twin-11 pull f,11 of the pet bottle is heated. The preform of the initial amorphous state bu becomes a high elastic state. It's like a rubber sample. After biaxial stretching, the Oita chain is oriented to produce the diagnosis Jianjing along the direction of La Zhong. After blowing the bottle, the material becomes hard.